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Cherry Grove Cemetery

E 48 Road
Cadillac, MI  49601
For more information contact:
Fire Department (Sexton) 231-775-6012
or 231-775-1138 ext. 4

Resident is defined as those who live in the Township and receive a homestead exemption.
Grave Lot Resident    $250.00
Grave Non Resident    $500.00
Grave Infant Buried on Adult Grave - Resident    $250.00
Grave Infant Buried on Adult Grave - Non Resident    $550.00
Grave Cremains Resident    $100
Grave Cremains Non Resident    $200.00

Cemetery Grave Openings
Weekdays    $400.00
Weekends    $500.00
Cremains or Infant Weekdays    $150.00
Cremains or Infant Weekends    $200.00

Winter Burial         $1,600.00

Disinterment Will Be Double the Burial Fee.
There will be no Winter Burials or Disinterment.
From M-55 turn south on S. 29 Rd. Follow S. 29 Rd. to 48 Rd. Turn left or (East), on 48 Rd.
Cemetery will be on your right (south) side of 48 Rd. 

·       RULES


·       PRICES


Cadillac, Michigan


In presenting these rules and regulations to our friends, lot owners, and all who are interested in the Township’s cemetery, we hope you will co-operate with us and that the provisions of same will be carefully considered and kindly received, as we are all working together to promote the welfare and beauty of our cemetery.

It is the aim of the Township sexton, and board members to make it a quiet, beautiful resting place for the deceased as well as keeping abreast of modern cemetery improvement, proper mode of burial and respectful observance of the sacredness of the place, and it is believed that no unnecessary restrictions have been imposed upon individual tastes.

Purchasers of lots acquire the right and privilege of burial of human bodies and of erection of markers and monuments, subject to the rules and regulations now in force or which may hereafter from time to time be enacted by the Township Board. 

Let us not forget that a memorial is only a message to future generations and that our cemetery will grow beautiful only by the effort, time and money we put in to it. 


It is our suggestion that persons wishing to purchase lots inspect the same at the cemetery with the sexton.

All arrangements for cemetery lots and services must be made with the sexton at the municipal building, and all payments be made at the municipal building.





General Regulations

Section 1Conduct in Cemeteries:  No Person Shall:

A)      Throw rubbish or debris on a walk or drive or on any part of a cemetery ground.

B)       Pick or mutilate any flowers, either wild or domestic, or disturb any tree, shrub, or other plant material.

C)       Consume refreshments or liquors in a cemetery or carry same upon the premise. 

D)      Permit any dog or domestic animal to enter or remain in a cemetery.

E)       Use any form of advertising on cemetery premise.

F)       Discharge a firearm in the cemetery.  This prohibition shall not apply to authorized volleys at burial or memorial services. 

Section 2.  Financial Responsibility of Township for Property Damage. 

A)      The Township shall not be financially responsible for any damage to lots and structures or objects thereon, or for flowers or articles removed from any lot or grave. 

Section 3.  Traffic Regulations.

A)      All traffic laws of the Township of Cherry Grove to that are applicable to operation of vehicles shall be strictly observed.  A person driving in a cemetery shall be responsible for any damage done by the vehicle in the drivers charge.  In addition, no person shall:

1)       Drive a vehicle in excess of 15 miles per hour on any cemetery road. 

2)       Drive off the established roads unless permission is given in writing by the sexton.

3)       Use a cemetery road as a public thoroughfare. 


Section 4.  Supervision of lot planting and improvements.

A)      All plantings and other improvements to lots shall be done under the direction and with the approval of the Township board or sexton or persons duly authorized by sexton.  No tree or shrub shall be removed or pruned except under the direction and with the consent of the sexton or persons duly authorized by the sexton.

Section 5.  Lot Care

A)      The following rules shall be observed with regard to care of cemetery lots.

1)       Copings, fences, curbs, hedges,structures of wood or other equally perishable material are prohibited.  Those structures or enclosures established on any lot previous to the adoption which have, in the judgment of the cemetery management become unsightly by reason of neglect or age shall be removed. 

2)       No elevated mounds shall be built over graves and no lot shall be filled above the grade established by the Township Board.

3)       Winter decorations may be maintained on graves until March 1st. If such decorations are not removed by March 1st.  They shall be considered abandoned and may be disposed of by the Cemetery Management. 

4)       Chairs, settees, benches and vases and receptacles shall be permitted only if properly installed and maintained.  Failure to properly install or maintain such fixtures will be cause for their removal.

5)       Rubbish refuse and unused containers shall not be left on lots.

Section 6. Foundations.

A)      All monuments and markers shall be placed on foundations of solid masonry. The foundations will be at least 2 inches larger than the monument on all sides and installed as flush to the ground as possible.  All foundations will be at least 4 inches in depth. 

Section 7.  Installation of monument and markers

A)      Those persons engaged in placing monuments and markers shall provide planking adequate to protect turf and shall remove materials, equipment and rubbish immediately upon completion of work.  The site shall be left in a clean orderly condition.  Ropes or cables shall be attached to trees or other objects only on the approval of the sexton. 


Section 8.  Funerals.

A)     All funeral processions within the cemetery shall be under the direction of the sexton of the cemetery.  Workmen engaged in the vicinity of a burial shall suspend their labors during services at a grave.  The cemetery management reserves the right to remove funeral designs and floral pieces as soon as they become unsightly. 

Section 9.  Conditions to be fulfilled before interment.

A)     No interment shall take place without a burial permit, nor until all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations relative to burials been complied with.  No grave shall be opened unless the grave space has been paid for, with the exception of indigent cases, or unless the funeral director assumes the responsibility of payment for such grave space. Funeral directors making arrangements for burial shall be responsible for all interment charges if not paid by the owner or their agent.  If the deceased to be interred is not the owner or is not a member of the lot owner’s immediate family, written consent of the owner, owners, or authorized agent, must be filed with the sexton before interment may be permitted. All burials shall be within a standard concrete vault, or other non-collapsible vault. 

Section 10.    Conditions to be fulfilled before disinterment.

A)      No burial spaces shall be opened and closed except under the direction of the cemetery sexton.  The burden of all costs of a disinterment will be paid for in advance by the party requesting such activity.  The disinterment shall be done in accordance and meet all the requirements of the health department. 

 Section 11.    Repurchase of lots or burials spaces.

A)     The township will repurchase and cemetery lot or burial space from the owner for the original price paid the township upon written request of said owner or their legal heirs or representatives. 

Section 12.  General

A)    Only one interment in any one grave shall be permitted, except that cremated remains may be buried above another grave, and infants may be buried at the feet of a family member.  The sexton of the cemetery shall not be held responsible for errors in location of graves on lots arising from improper instructions of owners.  Orders from funeral director shall be construed as orders from owners.  Under no circumstances shall the township or its employees assume responsibility for errors in opening graves when orders are given verbally.  No graves shall be opened except by workmen employed by the cemetery management.

Cemetery Rate     -     Lot Sales

Resident is defined as those who live in the Township and receive a homestead exemption. 

1-Grave lot resident-------------------------------------------$250.00

2-Grave lot resident--------------------------------------------$500.00

1-Grave non-resident------------------------------------------$550.00

2-Grave non-resident------------------------------------------$1,100.00

1-Grave infant buried on adult grave – resident          $250.00

1-Grave infant buried on adult grave –non-resident   $550.00

1-Grave cremains resident---------------------   $100.00

1-Grave cremains non-resident ---------------$200.00

Cemetery Grave Openings

Weekdays--------------------------------------- $400.00

Weekends--------------------------------------- $500.00

Cremains or infant – weekdays -----------    $150.00

Cremains or infant – weekends -----------    $200.00

Winter cremains-------------------------------  $700.00

Winter burials---------------------------------- $1,600.00